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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 9, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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susteren, standing by to go live "on the record." greta. how could a pilot not know he was flying too slowly? tonight, spotlight on the 777 pilot, plus your first look inside the plane's wreck auj. >> this is fox news alert. looking at live pictures at san francisco international airport. we have confirmed through the faa that a boeing 777 operated by asiana airlines crashed upon landing. it crashed while landing at the airport after its tail came off while touching down on the runway. >> i looked over, saw the plane with the fuss ladies and gentlemen very high angle from the ground, facing upwar. >> heavy emergency vehicles responding. everyone on the way.
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>> the tail was very low, and when it hit, sparks flew. this wing hit and spun it around and then there was a big explosion. >> this is the runway. it came in like this, and i was just watching the wheels, it height like that, and the whole thing collapsed. >> the boeing 777 flying from seoul, south korea, catching fire. black smoke seen billowing from the jet as passengers forced to jump down emergency inflatable slides to safety. >> there are people hurt, there was luggage, everything fell too. everything fell apart. people kind of trapped, sliling over stuff to get out. >> the guy told me, no warning, no nothing. just going down and just we were too low. >> right now, confirmed, two dead, dozens injured and many of them critical. >> i will tell you, the speed was significantly below 137
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knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> focus on the pilot at the controls. one of the biggest questions. did he have enough experience floridaing that particular aircraft? >> two pilots, a captain who was working on his initial operating experience in the 777. he was an experienced pilot and a prior captain, but was working on getting his rating on the 777 and getting initial operation experience in the 777. >> i will tell you, i have never responded to a commercial airplane being down and being involved in fire, and i would venture to say no one on scene had participated in an event like this. >> for the latest on the investigation, we go to claudia cowen live at san francisco international airport. claudia. >> reporter: greta, federal investigators say the plane was going 40 miles per hour slower than it should have been in the final seconds before it crash lanned at san francisco
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international airport and tonight, lots of questions about whether pilot error is to blame. officials with asiana airlines say while the pilot at the controls had thousands of hours experience flying other planes, he only had 43 hours on the boeing 777 and never landed one in san francisco before. saturday's landing was to be part of his training. investigators say they found part of the plane's tail section in the san francisco bay and the jet tagged debris hundreds of feet down the runway. passengers escaping down emergency slides right after the crash, earlier today, some of the first responders described the frantic scene, there was smoke, leaking jet fuel and dicey conditions as police officers raced to help those trapped in their seat belts. >> the asiana crew was begging for knifes to free passengers to aid in their escape. officer lee handed his knife to one of the pilots and officer
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cunningham tossed his up there, and they began to free passengers. >> reporter: two teenagers from china did not survive. one of the girls ejected from the plane. the other was found outside the wreckage near the emergency slide. she may have survived the crash, but was then struck and killed by a responding fire engine. we don't know for sure. we should get the autopsy results in a couple of weeks. greta, federal investigators spent many hours today talking to the pilots as well as to members of the flight crew and will continue to do so again tomorrow. those interviews will be critical, by all accounts, there was nothing wrong with this aircraft until the seconds before it crashed. back to you. >> claudia. thank you. today, first responders describing the harrowing scene of the crash. san francisco police officer james cunningham one of the first to arrive and helped get passengers off the plane. officer cunningham joins us. good evening, sir. >> food evening. >> can you tell me, sir.
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the plane went down or you heard the crash. tell me where exactly were you and what did you do? >> i had just got inside one of the private terminals where the private jets are, and all of a sudden i heard one of the officers out in the airfield call in a code 33, which means clear the air. he said a 777 just went down, and i just couldn't believe it. for a few seconds that something like that happened and i ran outside and saw the smoke and dirt flying through the air. >> what did you do next? did you rush up to the plane? is that what you did, sir? >> i stepped out of the terminal, turned around, saw an ambulance picking up a patient off awe private jet co private . i told him to stop, a plane just went down, we need you right now, and i ran my patrol car, told him follow me. opened up one of the gates going
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out to the airfield and had him follow me, rushed toward the jet. >> was the plane on fire when you approached it? or not yet? >> you couldn't see flames, but you could see smoke rising from the plane. it was smoking, and fire trucks just starting to douse the plane to cool it down. >> had the chutes deployed at that time? >> yes. when i first arrived, people scattered all over the runway, walking around and the chutes in the frot nt deployed, saw peopl sliding down. me and another couple officers started arriving at the scene and starting running toward the chutes to get people away from the airplane. people were confused and wanted to keep their baggage. we had to get them to get away from the area. >> did you board the plane? and if you boarded the plane, what did you see?
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>> we had -- initially me and another officer, derek lee, we were at the chutes and the pilots and crew were asking for knifes. people were stuck. we gave our knifes and when they said the plane was cleared, came back down, and ran around the tail section after we helped some people get away from the plane, i saw people on the ground and it looked like there were still people on the back of the plane and tail was missing from the back of the plane and that part of the plane you could actually walk into, because there was no tail section, it was down in the ground. >> whenou got in there, what did you see? >> it looked like a disaster in there. looked like a hurricane went through the plane, broken metal, chairs, overhead baggage compartments were crashed on the ground. people in their seats moaning, and i saw the firemen and firefighters, coming down through the fuselage, trying to get to the people there to help them. >> it's quite remarkable that people got out of that plane at
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that point. >> yeah. yeah. so some of the people that couldn't get out of seats because they were injured, so i started digging through the luggage to get through there, and then one -- my lieutenant, we started pulling luggage out to make a clear path. behind the firemen, the smoke started building up, and the only way they could get out was down here. and we started to get everybody out of the plane before the black smoke came in and sucking out all of the oxygen out. >> it's quite extraordinary what you all went through, the heroics of first responders like yourself and the flight attendants. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> more on the crash of the 777 a little later. right now, a major ruling in the george zimmerman trial. will the jury hear that trayvon martin had marijuana in his system when he was shot? >> the toxicology evidence comes in, it is relevant evidence and
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not under any theory of admissibility of care evidence. under 90.404. >> again, it's not just that there is a substance present. there has to be an affect. it can't be some effect or there may be an effect. there needs to be concrete testimony of the exact level and what impact it would have on this person, trayvon martin. >> i had deny the motion in limine and allow the testimony. if there is objection during the course of the testimony, i'll rule on the objection at that time. >> wofl fox reporter holly bristol in the courtroom. she joins us with the latest. can you sort of give us a rundown of what happened today? >> the long and the short. the judge decided the defense will be allowed to have their medical examiner talk about the thc levels or the marijuana in trayvon martin's system. before the trial took place, the state fought very hard to
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prevent these from even being brought up at trial. they did win in a sense in that the defense was not allowed to bring this up in opening statements and the judge said she would decide at a later date and time if the defense could bring that up, talked about that in court today and the judge said that the defense said it can be brought up. the state's own expert last week, their medical examiner said that the levels of thc were minimal and didn't have any kind of effect, but on the stand he changed his opinion and said it could have affected trayvon martin's behavior that night, greta. >> and trayvon mart you knin's called by the defense. he testified for the state, but now he's a defense witness, why? >> initially, officer serino said when he played the 911 call with the screams in the back
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fwrou ground, he thought that he said no, i don't think that's my son. nutribullet, i was pleasantly surprised beca awful 911 call with somebody screaming for help? he said what was going through my mind, this was my son's last call for help and it sounded like a man's life was being taken from him and my son was my best friend. this may have worked out better, tracy martin may have turned out to be a better witness for the prosecution on that cross-examination, greta. >> holly, thank you. now to the critical question who is screaming for help on the crucial 911 call? trayvon martin or george
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zimmerman? a parade of witnesses. >> i don't know why i think they are yelling help, but i don't know. just send someone quick, please. >> okay. does he look hurt to you? >> i don't know what's going on. i can't see them. >> they need to come now. >> they're sending. >> that screaming, or that yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjamin mart you know? >> whose voice do you recognize? >> my brother's. >> trayvon's? >> yes. >> whose voice is screaming in the background? >> my son, george. >> absolutely no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> know whose voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes, definitely, it's georgie. >> i believe my words, is that your son's background? i think i said it a little
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differently than that. but inquired if that's his son yelling for help. >> what was his response? >> more of a verbal and nonverbal. he looked away, and under his breath as i interpreted it said no. >> i didn't tell him, no, that wasn't trayvon. i think the chairs had wheels on them, and i kind of pushed away from the table and just kin of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> your words were i can't tell? >> something to that affect. >> joining success diana tennis, jim hammer, and ted williams and bernie grimm. diana, first to you. why is it so important that both sides are battling over this, who is in the background yelling? >> personally, the state of florida has made this their cross to bear.
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they made the case hinge on proving that trayvon martin was the voice screaming and that opened up the defense. today, we have this panoply of fantastic, wonderful, lovable characters that get to talk in depth with their personal relationships on george zimmerman in order to justify their belief that it was him crying for help. so i think the jury went into today already decided for whatever other reasons whose voice they thought that was, but the defense got to put on all of this good character witness evidence and i thought it was really powerful and a fabulous way to humanize george zimerman. >> george, the pinnacle part of the prosecution case, who the voice is? >> if it's a pinnacle part, it's a bad move for the prosecution. i think the prosecution early on
1:15 am
thought okay, i'll have some experts, build this as part of my case. once the judge kept those experts out, they should have foreseen, if they had two witnessed, the defense would have ten witnesses. you don't want to get into that fight. the real danger, not just that they heard good character evidence, but what if they believe zimmerman. what if they believe he is the one screaming for help? not a good move by the prosecution to make it so important. >> if i was arguing as defense lawyer, if you don't know for sure whether u.s. george zimmerman or trayvon martin, george zimmerman wins because the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. and if you are confused, you rule against the prosecution on that. and now the question about the thc. >> i have been biting the inside of my mouth, so i can't talk. i have had clients that they were shot somebody. they were positive for marijuana, i went out to keep that out. why show this disrespect.
1:16 am
the kid was on marijuana. it had no factor on whether the kid got shot. otherwise, i'm just smearing the kid's character. with his family in the front row. it's an abomination. i'm only telling my experience about marijuana based on what ted told me, it makes you docile, quiet, want to go to sleep, listen to music. you don't want to get into a confrontatio confrontation. >> i'm curious about your thought on the thc ruling? >> a huge win for the defense. it takes a dead kid and putting him on trial. it's more prejudicial than probative. you take the kid with a dark hood in the dark with marijuana. and that's so prejudicial coming in to a jury. the judge should not have let that in. >> all evidence, theoretically is prejudicial, or you don't
1:17 am
seek to introduce it. ith -- two questions, whether it's legally admissible. >> the probative value, that's what is questionable. >> jim. >> and an ability to mislead. a middle class jury, hears black kid and drugs. marijuana makes people go buy cheeto's at the store. you really dirtied this kid. unfortunate. >> i think it's a bad strategy for the defense to make him look bad. it's better off to say this is an unfortunate, tragic accident. stay with us, panel. much more to talk about. since february 26, 2012, the night of the fatal encounter, has the media been fair, looking only at the facts, or the media just picked sides? get to and vote in the poll.
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straight ahead, self-defense or murder? why did an mma trainer testify? and not what you expect to hear from rush limbaugh. surprising comments about obama care. and governor rick perry talks about that and the big announcement today, coming up. and aaron hernandez accused of murd it's a brand new start. with centurylink visionary cloud infrastructure, and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable, secure, and agile.
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you had testified regarding his athleticism. what words within that context, how would you design george zimmerman? >> nonathletic. i really don't like to use this type of terminology.
1:22 am
>> we've heard words that we normally don't use. >> i'm sure. soft. just physically soft. you know, he's not a, you know -- he was an overweight, large man when he calm to us and a very, very pleasant, very nice man, but physically soft. predominantly fat. never got off of shadow bocking and hitting the heavy bag or learning how to pumnch. >> tell the jury what that means? >> he's still learning how to punch. he didn't know how to effectively punch. >> our legal panel is back. diana, i guess -- i mean not every guy wants to be called, physically soft, not athletic, a beginner, and grossly obese, go through the list. what was the point of that testimony from the defense prospect tuf? >> well, wasn't to rag on george zimmerman's -- i'm sorry,
1:23 am
georgie's self-esteem. not a good day for that. what the defense is trying to show, even though he's a big guy in this circumstance, he was ream in belie reasonable in needing to pull out a gun to save himself from the beating he was getting trayvon martin. giving the fact that the state is having difficulty making george zimmerman the first physical aggressor and don't want to fall back totally on manslaughter, they need to make that unreasonable what he did and the defense is trying to combat that. >> bernie. >> georgie porgy pudding pie. i am not buying it. this guy has put on over 100 pounds for this trial. i belong to two gym. every day, the guy lies to me and said i look better. i'm sure nobody was saying you are soft, you are a baby. when they charge you the fees, they say look at the size.
1:24 am
no one can bring that guy down with one punch. >> we were down at the scene after dark. i don't care if a fat person came after me, skinny, tall, short. maybe ted doesn't feel the same. all of the hair splitting about trayvon martin, george zimmerman. they were extremely confused what was coming at them. it's pitch black. >> this is where the prosecution has made a mistake. they should have made zimmerman the aggressor from there. they have been trying this case like zimmerman was the aggressor when the first or second punch is thrown and that's where they run into problems. >> jim, think what the defense theory is that when he gets out of the vehicle or goes back to the vehicle, that's the retreat and according to the defense theory is that trayvon martin jumped him in the dark and he didn't know what hit him
1:25 am
basically? >> that's the defense theory. the prosecution's best evidence is the physical injuries to george zimmerman. ted, i know that's not the legal standard. it's what's in a reasonable personal's mind. they are not consistent with a you go abo guy about to die. he was losing a fight. >> i think it's a mistake not to bring the jury out there. when you are out there, you have no idea what's coming next. so dark back there. you don't known a hammer is coming next, a feather coming next. >> greta, a question to you. >> that's the reason trayvon also could have been in fear of his life. >> i think he probably was in fear of his life. i think they both were. what, jim? >> did you see bushes that trayvon supposedly jumped out of? >> i don't know where trayvon jumped out. but there were bushes out there.
1:26 am
>> right by the side of where he was supposedly into the concrete, were there bushes right there? >> frankly, i don't think you could have seen the bushes. my guess is, they both were afraid for their lives, they didn't know what was coming at each one. >> i would agree, pitch black. sad comment tear. we may not ever know. both of them had to be afraid. >> he has made his "testimony" through all those statements. >> i saw a picture of the bushes. nobody jumped out on him. but zimmerman brought this party together. he created it. not trayvon. zimmerman kept tracking him. the 911 traitor said don't do it, pursued, he a gun. >> actually, if he hear what he says, playing devil's advocate, bernie. he was leaving and headed back to his car when he was jumped. not saying he wasn't the one chasing down. >> go ahead, jim.
1:27 am
i know where he was going. >> he got out just to look at the address. do you believe that? when he says did you just get out to look at the address, do you believe that? why is he lying? >> we have to go, panel. thank you very much. coming up, is obama care falling apart? rush limbaugh's answer will surprise you. and rick perry will talk about his own big ann geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pitch, especially when it comes to my investments. you want a broker you can trust. a lot of guys at the other firms seemed more focused on selling than their clients. that's why i stopped working at my old brokerage and became a financial consultant with charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for?
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now that's progressive. is obama care falling apart? are we ready for a surprise? rush limbaugh says no, it is not falling apart. >> okay. so what happens is obama says it was last tuesday that the employer mandate is gone. for a year. but then on friday, there was another announcement. you know what that announcement was? that since the employer mandate has gone vamanos, essentially anybody can show up at an exchange and say i qualify. it's the honor system. and all that happened, boy, rush that is really great. obama care falling apart. it's not falling apart, folks.
1:32 am
obama care is whatever obama wants it to be day to day, hour to hour. i will cut to the chase real quick on this, and then i'm going to spend some time later on, because we're loaded here today. i want to get -- make sure youan this right off the bat, the fact that the -- the personal mandate stands. you still have to have insurance or pay the fine, dude. there is no out of that. the boss doesn't have to cover you next year or this year. the boss is totally out of it. you still have to be cover. the reason for what happened last week is to get as many people enrolled in obama care as possible, making harder and harder to repeal it, because repealing it would mean tayag way their insurance. and that's why obama is out there selling this thing like it's a campaign issue. that and the 2014 mid terms. so i had to half at all of these
1:33 am
people saying that's the end of the obama care. why not repeal the whole thing? well, they should, by the way. what happens last week doesn't mean the end of obama care. it just means obama has taken steps to ensure it will never be taken away, no matter how bad it is. >> texas governor rick perry joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, how are you? good evening. >> i'm wonderful. i want to talk to you about obama care. your thoughts of postponement of one year for the employer mandate from 2014 to 2015? >> i think politically, it's probably a fairly smooth move, because you get past the mid term elections before this
1:34 am
occurred. we haven't participated because it will bring tremendous costs to the state of texas. the idea that these exchanges, and i go back to if there is a real achilles' heel, it's the exchanges. one of the things the administration understand is because of the cost and expertise that the federal government doesn't have either of, that they are looking for ways to get around the law as it's written. what do you really expect from a piece of legislation that the vast majority of the members of koch didn't read before they voted on. this administration making up as they go. >> all right, sir. let me turn to announcement today that you won't be running for governor again of the state
1:35 am
of texas. now, everybody in the country, most people follow this. very suspicious that what it really -- the undercurrent was, it's because you are getting geared up to run for president, and the word, last time, you didn't quite make it in 2012, because you got in late and you said things about people who try twice do better the second time around. what is the story on running for president? >> yeah, i think all of those are interesting theories, but the fact is that people will theorize and people will try to estimate what is going on in my life. what's going on, i've been governor of the greatest state in the nation for 12 years. an enviable record of job creation. some 30% of jobs created in the last ten years, in the state of texas. we have truly put together a -- a state that shows the rest of the country how to create jobs
1:36 am
and that's the real story here. for 12 years, we're very successful. time to pass the mantel of leadership on and i'll decide what my future path will be. >> what would be, sir -- what would provoke you to run for president. what are you focusing on in terms of making the decision? >> i don't think you get provoked to run for president. >> what would make you want to run for president? what are you looking for? >> listen, i'll make that decision in a year, greta. certainly not may at all. for the next 18 months, focuseded on red state, blue state policies, how to make america more competitive. states competing against each other. founding fathers got it right and understood that these laboratories of innovation, these states, we'll make decisions internally and washington being more
1:37 am
inconsequential is what i'm trying to work toward, getting other states to understand that they really have the best ideas to deliver health care or build transportation or infrastructure for that matter. >> we'll ask that question a million times over. at least i try. thank you, sir. >> god bless you. >> and is there something politically sinister in the delays in obama care? some accusing obama administration sneaking hundred closed doors and writing directly to the hhs and treasury secretary demanding answers. we a . >> nice to see you, greta. >> the delay last wednesday about the delay in the employer mandate, you've written a letter now to treasury secretary and hhs secretary wanting to know more about it. what do you want to know? >> we want to know what they
1:38 am
knew, when they knew it. who they talked to. we want to know about e-mails. we want to know exactly what talked them into the one-year delay, greta. it was small business people or call me cynic, possibly some democratic senators up for re-election in 2014 that bent the year of the president? >> you think it was political. first of all, do you believe they are ready to launch this employer part? >> well, i don't think they are quite ready, but, look, these -- the reporting regulation requirements that are on the small businesses, that just shows you that what a job killer this bill is. but that's not the only reason that small businesses are opposed to it. they are opposed to it because of the cost. the fact that they can't hire people and 30 hours is considered full-time employment, so allow someone to 29 hours.
1:39 am
how can a man or woman support their family on 29 hours a week? >> you can ask the hhs to respond? >> july 17th is the date we asked them to respond. >> has the administration ever led to you believe that they would be ready by january 1? >> greta, they had 3 1/4 years to get ready. >> i'm trying to figure out if it was just assuming a huge job, or whether utt politically sinister to get past 2014 elections. >> it could be either. you had the clip from rush, and i'm a rush listener and he always gives you a little something extra to think about, and it's possible, that's true. but look i have this sheet in front of me, obama care's dirty dozen implementation failures. not just this one. i could go through this, we
1:40 am
don't have time for that. one after another. covering children with preexisting conditions, 17 state have failed to even issue policies to children because of that requirement. >> i guess you could have sort of a dumb idea but not have a bad motive, and if you suggestith politics, that's why they are doing it, to protect senators in 2014, thagts a bad motive, don't you agree? >> any reason to believe that's their motive, other than that -- >> well, call me a sipc, i'm definitely suspicious, that's part of the reason and maybe a large part of the reason. the american people never wanted the federal government to take up 1/6 of the economy, to raise taxes on small business men and women. raise taxes on middle class people, to come between doctors and patients. look, let the states do this. get it right. they have fail completely in lowering the cost of health
1:41 am
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first she was his madam, now she's his political opponent. the exnew york governor, eliot spitzer is running for comptroller. and one of the libertarian candidate for comp comp troll lever is a madam. >> i hope that my record as attorney general as a prosecution, as governor is what the public will look at and give in a section chance. >> and spitzer not the only one seeking political redemption. anthony weiner running for mayor two years after a sexting scandal.
1:44 am
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♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? asiana airlines flight flying low and slow. a pilot with little experience flying 777s. is he to blame? deen cox has flown 777s for years joins us. >> good evening. nice to see you. >> tell me, a slow landing in a 777, don't you know coming in whether you are going too slowly or not? isn't it evident in the cockpit? >> no, it should be extremely evident. the flight management computer is set, and then the throttles react to that and should have held the speed, the final
1:47 am
approach speed as they pass through it, or approached it. apparently that dunt happen for some reason. >> is that a pilot maneuver, or a computer malfunction possibly? how does it not be at that speed? >> well, the calculation is done by the computer base on the weight of the airplane and then the speed is set into a dial on the glare shield, and the tlolgts respond to the speed set on the dial on the glare shield. if the auto throttles are on, they should respond when the speed approaches that and throttle should come up to hold that speed. >> so, sir, this would be your thought this would likely be a mechanic thing or pilot problem or both? >> well, it would depend on whether the auto throttle arm switches for each -- one for each engine. depended on whether those switches are actually on. it is possible to turn those off, which negate all of the automatic functions of the auto
1:48 am
throttle. >> wouldn't you notice it in the copilot seat? the copilot was the one bringing this in. if you were the pilot in the other seat, wouldn't you think this is a little slow? >> well, yes. my understanding, the pilot, cap tape in the left seat was the up with in training. the pilot in the right seat is a check airman. what i have read and heard throughout the past couple of days. don't know this as a fact. but the talk about the pilot only have 43 -- the captain only having 43 hours on an airplane, when you start out in this training, have you no time in the airplane. you get a check ride in the simulator which gives you type rating in the aircraft and then you go out for line operating experience, which this sounds like it was, with a check airman, the pilot in the right seat. for some reason, that information escape both of them and the other two pilots that should have been in the cockpit. i don't know how it got by all
1:49 am
four of thuem. >> this is very early on in the investigation and sort of just trying to piece it together. captain, thank you. >> thank you. straight [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder.
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>> greta: okay everyone, it's
1:53 am
tomorrow to hash it out. aaron hernandez is facing murder accusations and former fans are trading up, swapping out hernandez jerseys for free. trading for the player you might expect, jersey exchange, tom brady not most -- requested preplacement. the winner is vins willberg z guess who decided to take a trot with the bulls this weekend? fox sports tweeting rex ryan went running with the bulls. check out this shirt. simply amazing. i guess with the tim tebow circus leaving town coach had to find excitement. and insensitive award goes to a british broadcaster insulted tennis champ marion bartoli yahoo reporting with a mean
1:54 am
swipe at her appearance, what did he say? he said, that the french tennis player was never going to be a looker. woah. he late apologized and called his remarks clumsy. clumsy? no. stupid? yes. remember to use hash tag greta on tweets and posted and on tweets and posted and coming up when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert violence breaking out in egypt. you're looking at live pictures in cairo. fox news greg calcott is live with the latest. greg? >> hi, greta. it's early tuesday morning here. getting ready to be another bad day. islamic muslim brotherhood calling for massive mars here. supporters who oppose mohammed morsi outside of the barracks
1:59 am
activists described a blood bath. a massacre claim soldiers fired live ammunition into the crowd. security officials say that terrorists were in the crowd and they fired at them, first. and soldiers just defending their ground whichever account is correct and both could be, it puts both sides further apart and a leadsing muslim figure warned of civil war. support for military backed interim government here weakened they announced monday night a road map or a handover of power back to civilian rule, waits elections early next year, maybe. one loser of this could be the united states. cairo has freed a lot of anti-american sentiment we've been picking up. the pro-morsi camp says the u.s. must have backed a military coup. a dangerous, tricky terr